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Torque Release Technique- How Can it Help You?

Chiropractic has been around for over a century, and has steadily improved for the last 110 years, adding new methods, techniques, knowledge and technology to this tried-and-true method of approaching whole body health and wellness and long-term relief and results. Even today, our staff continually seeks ongoing education in the latest research regarding nervous system and spinal health.

The Torque Release Technique, or TRT, is a very popular method of chiropractic care which has proven to provide highly effective results. Here’s a look at how TRT functions and how Dr. Maddie uses this method to the benefit of patients.

What Is TRT?

Torque release technique is a specialized adjustment chiropractic technique that can correct subluxation or spinal misalignments in a gentle and non-invasive means. This supports the overall goal of chiropractic care, to build on and encourage the body’s ability to naturally heal injuries and illness, and better adapt to the stresses of daily life.

Torque Release bases its technique on gentle touch and light thrusting by using a hand-held instrument called an Integrator. The Integrator reproduces the thrust and movement components of the classic chiropractic method of adjusting by hand, at a speed of 1/10,000th of a second. This low-force chiropractic adjusting method allows the nervous system to better integrate and understand new corrective information and to process it throughout the spinal cord and brain. Your spinal corrections do not stop once you get off the table. They continue as you breathe and move.

You may notice that you hear a click or feel movement in your spine later on the same day after the Torque Release adjustment. That is your body aligning and correcting its own subluxations. Torque Release allows your body to make its own corrections and increase healing with ongoing care. Because these chiropractic corrections are not limited to just the areas of pain and/or other tingling symptoms, the healing experience is typically deeper in all areas of the body, mind, and emotions. Torque Release releases tension at the spinal cord by correcting subluxations of spinal segments intimately connected with the meninges, or attachments, of the spinal cord. It leads to profound neurological changes that benefit everyone – no matter what symptom or level of health they are currently experiencing.

The primary intent of the Torque Release Technique is to progressively reduce blockages and tension of the entire spinal system, to release trapped, unresolved neurological patterns in the body and mind, and to facilitate the reintegration of the nervous system, allowing a greater expression of one’s healing and performance capabilities.

With TRT, your body can heal quickly, adapt and recover without the use of drugs. Best of all, the amount of force used is powerful but remains gentle enough to feel comfortable for patients.

Read more about how TRT can help with common conditions:

Depression & Insomnia:

Infertility/ Miscarriage:



Bed Wetting:

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